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I am here I promise. I am just in the process of moving into college which is why I have been so MIA recently. As soon as things settle down, I’ll be back to full swing and you’ll be sick of me again. Promise <3

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Congratulations Joshua, your application for an OC has been accepted. The bio was great and we are excited to see what he brings into Night World! Just make sure you check out the tags to track page to find more information and that you send in your link for your account in the next 24 hours. Also make sure to follow everyone on the masterlist. Welcome to Night World!
Name: JoshuaAge: 17Time Zone: PSTActivity Level (1-10): 8 and up (Still in the unpacking phase of moving)FC: Liam Hemsworth

Congratulations Joshua, your application for an OC has been accepted. The bio was great and we are excited to see what he brings into Night World! Just make sure you check out the tags to track page to find more information and that you send in your link for your account in the next 24 hours. Also make sure to follow everyone on the masterlist. Welcome to Night World!

Name: Joshua
Age: 17
Time Zone: PST
Activity Level (1-10): 8 and up (Still in the unpacking phase of moving)
FC: Liam Hemsworth

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Sadly, it doesn’t. You have to roleplay in order to be considered active.


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Activity Check (8/14/2014)

The following characters are at risk of being reopened. Please post a starter and interact with characters in the next 24-48 hours to make sure that your character is not reopened. If there is something in real life that is keeping you from being able to RP, please message the main and we’ll be more than happy to put you on hiatus. Be aware however, that you must be able to provide a time frame for your hiatus. 

Elena Krasniy
Maya Flores
Ruby Jordan
Wesley Fisher

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Indeed she is!


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"I know you’re afraid, but fear is a demon. Close your eyes and tell yourself you’re not afraid. That is how you slay the demon."

Name: Carson Ashby
Age: 21
Species: Half Werewolf
Holden Corvale (Half Brother), Clark Baxter (Friend), Gregory Willows (Business Associate), Hugh Davis (Personal Nerd)
Soulmate: Unknown
FC: Marie Avgeropoulos
Status: TAKEN


A rough and tumble sort of girl, Carson isn’t afraid to get dirty to get what she wants and a girl like her knows what she wants. She’s taught herself many different tricks and traits, one of which was to overcome fear. Confident, dominant and self sufficient, she learned how to take care of herself at a very young age. As such she can be a very reckless despite her love of plotting, scheming and succeeding in her endeavors. Carson is far from emotionless but she isn’t above taking advantage of others or manipulating the people around her and she’s damn good at it too. To others she can come off as very rude considering she lacks a filter and is very blunt. Maybe it’s the constant story telling that she uses in order to run her little business that makes her tell the truth most other times or maybe she just lies because it’s a means to an end rather than enjoyable. Carson is in her most basic form a bit more than your typical troublemaker.

Before the Spell:

From the second she was conceived Carson was raised by her single mother. That’s what happened when you had a one night fling with a man you barely knew. A man her mother didn’t even seem to remember any longer which unfortunately was probably a product of her drug use. Carson’s mother had always struggled to raise her and she resorted to a much more dangerous way of doing so. Dealing was dangerous for a male and even more so for a female. It wasn’t that her mom couldn’t handle herself because she could. Mama Ashby just couldn’t handle the constant fear for her daughter’s life. Her daughter who tottered around unsteadily as her mother packaged the illegal goods and was there when unhappy customers came knocking. 

Carson’s mom couldn’t handle the worry that her job would make her daughter unsafe despite the security it brought them money wise. She started using and then she never stopped. Carson was fifteen years old when her mother overdosed and she was eleven when she started dealing for her. Not many people took a little thing like her seriously but she was so fierce and determined that they grew to respect her. Many of the others in the business made it their own responsibility to look after her. It was from them that she learned the art of stealth, manipulation and various other tricks. By thirteen she was a pro and used in all sorts of cons to move drugs or other items. After all who would suspect a cute little girl with pigtails and the face of an angel. 

She was their trump card and even after her mother’s death she stayed with the group and they took care of her as one of their own. They even offered to look into her background which brought one of the members to her with a rather serious reveal. One of her mother’s only friends told her that her father hadn’t been human. At fifteen Carson found that pretty hilarious until she thought back on all the amazing things she had always been able to do. She was very small but she and always been faster than her peers. Faster, stronger, had better hearing and reflexes. Carson was in every way superior but she still didn’t have any proof of what she was. Not without supposedly triggering the curse. The truth of knowing she was part of a whole other world was complicated at best.

It didn’t hurt that her mother’s friend was a part of this secret world herself. She didn’t tell her much because she didn’t think it was safe for her with Carson being half human and technically illegal. Still Carson was able to find out the basics and with that she researched this new world all on her own. About a year later she had come into her own and established a business of her own. She sold night world items of value that she was able to acquire through stealing or connections. Along the way she came in contact with a few others who shared her trade. Gregory Willows who seemed a bit too commandeering for her but still appeared to be a source that she may actually need eventually. Carson definitely liked to take advantage of possible resources. 

Still Carson didn’t really connect well with anyone until she met Clark Baxter. He had just gotten done with high school and she had gotten her GED with the help of her friends or rather associates. He was just the kinda person she could finally get along with. Someone close to her age who seemed to understand her for who she was. It didn’t hurt that he also didn’t seem to mind going along with her little schemes. He was human though so she didn’t quite tell him everything that she should have. Mostly she just clued him in on what he needed to know. Still a little part of her wished she could tell him without threatening his safety. It kinda sucked to finally have some sort of friend and then have a weird gap between the two of you because you were half werewolf. 

It didn’t matter too much though since Clark was a traveler and it wasn’t long before he was moving on to another place. They kept in touch but Carson wondered if maybe it was for the better that she didn’t pull anyone else into her twisted little world. She didn’t do much caring since it had never gotten her anywhere but she couldn’t stand the thought of losing someone who actually seemed to get her. Which was why she thought she would keep her distance until he started talking about a town called Pyro Hills and she decided to check it out. With no knowledge of anything like soulmates or Circle Daybreak and her status as a hybrid being unknown she wasn’t drawn there by any spell and she had no memories that needed to be erased. 

After the Spell:

Now that Carson is settled in the new town she’s been working on her same old business, She flits between human drug sales and the acquiring and sales of night world objects but as this town appears to be much more full of supernatural creatures she’s been trying even harder to keep a lower profile. Most of her research for her projects is done in a local library which was where she met Hugh Davis and adopted him as an assistant of sorts. Really she just harasses him until he helps her but she can tell he seems to enjoy his work. Her job is getting more and more challenging in the new town as she isn’t sure who to trust and some part of her wants to go to a friend for help but she only really has one of those and she doesn’t know if it’s worth getting him involved. 

Important Bios

Holden Corvale

"Guilt will eat me alive. And I don’t even mind."

Name: Nicholas “Jae Joon” Jung
Age: 25
Species: Lamia
Relationships: Stephen Jung (cousin), Seung-Won Jung (father), Min-Hee Jung (mother), Evalynn Jung (sister)
Soulmate: Phoebe Kang
FC: Choi Siwon
Status: TAKEN


If the other kids had the same opportunities that Nicholas when he was younger, they would have grown up with all the perks they wanted to have. However, his pure humble personality never allowed him to want more than he actually needed. So Nicholas was never like the other children, especially the kids who grew up with him. Accustomed to live in an atmosphere full of luxury and refinement, the young man never really cared about the material possessions. His parents always tried to instruct him to want more, as for them what they had wasn’t enough for their son’s future, but he really never cared about any of this to his parents’ sorrow. Whenever he could, he shared what he had with the ones who actually needed it, participating in distributions of food for the homeless and in competitions with solidarity purpose. Or at least he used to, before his life turned upside down. Nicholas never had a very competitive nature, always following what was the right thing to do, instead of trying anything to get to the top. For him, it was more important to get things by merit rather than by cheating. Despite being a vampire and his whole family believing that they were the best species of hierarchy, the young man never shared the same opinion. At first, he was very secretive about his personal beliefs, knowing that no member of his family, including his own parents, would agree or accept them. Over time, Nick started to open more his own ‘shell’, being less afraid of sharing his own thoughts and starting to build his own life’s path. The young man is also very stubborn, rarely taking into consideration the people’s opinions regarding to his own life. Nicholas believes his problems are his alone to take care of and he doesn’t have the habit of asking for help to anyone when it’s something important. The vampire was always very sociable, never having the problem of starting a conversation with anyone. That was one of the reasons why he opened a bar, because it was very easy to talk with his  costumers and their stories always made him feel better about his own. Having a kind heart got him a lot of troubles, but he never learn with his past mistakes, as he doesn’t consider them really mistakes. Nick had to mature very quickly, forcing him to become independent at a young age. Even though he doesn’t agree with half of the things his family does or believes, Nicholas always loved them, especially his cousin Stephen, who he always treated like a younger brother. Protect his family is something very important to him, even if he doesn’t always show it. 

Before the Spell:

Nicholas Jung was born in a golden cradle. His father was one of the owners of the Jung’s ‘empire’, along with his oldest brother. Due to the fact that Seung-Won was the youngest brother of the first generation of Jung, he was prevented from having the position of power in his own company that he always craved so much. Revolted, but forced to take the second position, Seung-Won became the main accountant of the business, as well as vice president. However, this was never enough for him or his wife, who always had the ambition of reaching the top of the company. They saw that opportunity when their twins were born. Nicholas and Evalynn were as different as water and oil, or at least that was what Min-Hee always said to everyone. Their beautiful Evalynn was noisy and restless, while their son Nicholas was calmer than her and too much quiet for their own taste. At that time, Seung-Won almost had lost the hope in their son. Would he always be like this? Because that was the case, he wouldn’t have the needed stamina to fight for his rightful place at the company. That was something that feared both of his parents for a really long time. Over the years, Nicholas’s personality has not changed much. Evalynn started to be more calmer, but he remained pretty much the same. They believed that deep down, their son had a lot to give to the world and they only needed to find a way to push that side of him to the edge. That was the reason why they kept him under their eyes, never letting him go and hoping that one day they would have the son they wanted to have.

Nicholas always felt that pressure from their parents, knowing that in their eyes he wouldn’t be enough to reach their goals. Life hadn’t been easy since the starter but he also couldn’t complain. His childhood was full of joys and happiness. Nicholas always had his cousin, Stephen, and his sister with him. The Jung family was a very traditional Korean family. Despite living in America,  they always kept their traditions and their origins. So it wasn’t a surprise that the family lived together. Of course, they had their own privacy, but they always acted as an united family with a very strong family stability.  Those kind of values, Nicholas learned to the maximum. To him, his family had a central position in his life, especially if it was his cousin or a sister. One day, his vision of a perfect family crumbled around him. At that time, he was only five years old. His mother had forced him to stay indoors for one of his extra classes, as they always had demanded him to learn the essential at a young age, hoping that it would be enough to bring out that side of him that they wished so much. That day Evalynn was kidnapped. The details Nick never knew. The only person who could have told him what happened was Stephen, since he was there with Evalynn when everything happened. He had never blamed his cousin for it, even if he knew that his mother held some resentment against the little boy. To Nicholas, Stephen couldn’t have done anything. What could have a four years old boy do against criminals? So Nick kept the questions to himself, only finding out what he could from his mother, who screamed with his father for weeks to find their daughter. The rest of the family tried to help. Seung-Won searched for his daughter to the end of the world, but they couldn’t find anything. The hope was still there. One day, they were going to find their lovely Evalynn. Min-Hee was the only one who couldn’t move on, always fearing that the criminals would be back to take Nicholas too. One night, she left the house with a single note: ‘I’m okay. Don’t search for me’. Even with the warning, they found her with Nick in Korea, living with her parents. That was the only way Min-Hee found to overcome her own pain and at the same time keep her son safe.

That year in Korea was the best year of his whole life. The vampire couldn’t lie about that, but Nicholas also knew that he would never be able to have a year like this ever again. If his parents tried to keep him under control before, now that his sister was missing, they would never leave him alone. Nick could almost feel them breathing over his neck, expecting him to do everything they wanted him to do. A year after they got to Korea, his mother informed him that she was strong enough to move back. It was time for her to face her fears and try to find her daughter once again. Nicholas couldn’t say that he wasn’t happy from coming back, since he had missed Stephen a lot. They had always been close. If there was someone who could help him with the feeling of loss, that someone would be Stephen. Maybe they couldn’t even help each other as Nicholas knew that his cousin was probably suffering too. The years passed, but the empty space in his heart stayed. Evalynn was his twin sister. Maybe the fact that they were twins only intensified that. It was almost like a part of him had been lost, even if Stephen helped him a lot by filling that empty space, without even realizing. To him, Stephen wasn’t only his cousin. He also was his little brother. 

But nothing lasted forever. Everything fell down on his shoulders once again when he met Charlotte Kang. Nicholas wasn’t going to say that it was love at the first sight, but he enjoyed her company a lot. At that time, the vampire was twenty years old and he was studying business in college. Since that wasn’t a course that attracted him from the beginning, as it was Seung-Won who forced him to do it because of their company, the young man decided to complement his studies with marketing. None complained about it. In their perpective, it could be good for their son to have more studies because it would weigh even more on the possibility of reaching the top of the Jung’s ‘empire’. Deep down, Nicholas never wished to have it. His parents found a way to change a lot of his manners, but none of them had found a way to change his mind about taking Stephen’s place at the company. Of course he was older than Stephen, but that didn’t mean anything because Stephen’s father was still older than his own father. Those were the rules and Nicholas was going to follow them, even if his parents didn’t like it. However, marketing had always been a course that caught his eyes and he never regretted his decision of studying in double to finish both of them. That was where he met Charlotte. She was in one of his marketing classes and her seat was usually besides his. One day she asked him for his notebook and invited him for a coffee at the end of the class. It had taken them only a week to start dating. Their relationship had been fulminant and none of them really expected to be the ‘forever' of one another. Whatever Charlotte and Nicholas had was smooth and  completely normal for two young souls at college. Obviously his parents didn’t approve any of this. They always thought that the young woman was going to be a distraction for their son.  It was time to take her off their path. They paid her a large amount of money for Charlotte to break up with Nicholas. She liked him, but he also knew that it wasn’t worth it to fight against them. So she accepted their conditions.

Nicholas got his first heartbroken with Charlotte, but he quickly moved on by trying to study even harder to finish college. One night, he overheard his father saying that he had paid Charlotte to break up with his son. It was a conversation between him and his bank manager. A couple of months had passed since his involvement with the witch and his feelings for her had decreased to an almost non-existent emotion, but he couldn’t help but be hurt by his Seung-Woo’s confession. Not being able to hide his revolt any long, Nicholas confronted him. That had be one of the first fights that they had to faced. Nothing was fine and nothing would be the same ever again. But what any of them knew was that Charlotte had been too traumatized by this and she had admitted to her father that they had paid her to stay away from Nicholas. Being a man with a lot of ideals that were rooted on traditions, Mr Kang promised revenge from the Jung. Seung-Won was buying an important hotel at that time and since his brother was busy with his own work, it was him who was taking care of it. The hotel was a massive investment and nothing could fail. Mr Kang saw in it his change to destroy Seung-Woo and his father. When Nicholas’ father went to buy the hotel, the money had disappeared. Afraid that his brother was going to find out about this and not mess with his son’s chances of being at the top of the company, he borrowed the money to a moneylender with the hope of paying everything as soon as the hotel started to invoice. What he didn’t suspect was that his business was doomed since the beginning. The moneylender was Charlotte’s father and Seung-Won didn’t even suspect of this.

As predicted, the new hotel went into insolvency. What Seung-Won hoped to acquire collapsed around him. Now not only he needed to face his brother and justify all of his flaws, but he always needed to find a way to pay the moneylender. His first way of paying everything was to sell some of his wife’s goods. Of course he didn’t tell her what was going on as he didn’t want her to worry too much. Seung-Won was going to find a way to fix the mess he made. However, the money he obtained from them wasn’t enough to cover the expense. That was when a risky idea crossed his mind. Still revolted with the way his brother talked to him when he found out of the hotel, he decided to give him a lesson that he would never forget. Blind with a deep rage, he kidnapped Stephen. The plan went a little out of control when Seung-Won realized that he coudn’t control his partners in crime. Once again, the family suffered with the disappearance of one of them. Even Min-Hee, who didn’t know anything about her husband’s involvement in this story, had got scared with the thought of losing her nephew like she had lost her daughter. Nicolas was one of the most affected. Even when the police had said that they were doing everything they could to find Stephen, while they waited for a ransom, the young man couldn’t stay quiet. Scared of losing his cousin and his little brother, Nick searched him for the whole town, not sleeping at home in the next days after the abduction, while he tried to find Stephen. Nothing led him to his cousin. Frustrated and disappointed with his useless work, the young man went back to his family. That was when he found out that Stephen was back. It was a relief to see him there. The fearing of losing another important person in his life was still there, but seeing that Stephen was actually safe was the best gift in the whole world. That was until he found out that his father had something to do with the kidnapping.

One night, Nicholas went back to his room after spending some time with Stephen. His parents’ door was opened and his father was on the phone talking to someone about the kidnapping.  All the money he had achieved from selling his wife’s goods was gone because he had to pay them for the work. Of course that Nicholas didn’t hear any of that, but he still listened to the part that he said that it was him who did it to Stephen. Angry with his father’s audacity, Nicholas had another fight with him and this one would be the last drop in their relationship. The lamia wasn’t going to trust him even again. There was no way that he was going to follow his father’s future for him. It was time for him to use his head and his own strength to create his own path and future. However, he didn’t feel like I could reveal this to Stephen. It would be one more guilt to add to the one Nick already had when he didn’t look for Charlotte to apologize for what his parents did to her. This wasn’t right because he needed to know, but at the same time what would happen to his family, if he revealed this to them? Nicholas knew how much important was the word ‘family' to all of them. No, he couldn't tell anyone about this. No matter what, this would have to be a secret for him to keep. The problems didn't stop there. Without having money to pay his debt, Seung-Won needed to find another way to pay everything he owed. That was when he had the idea of starting to gamble. A lot of his friends played the game and they always won so much money. They always told him that it wasn't only fun, but also a good way to get money for their business. This was his only chance. So Seung-Won took it without even thinking twice. The game was pretty much simple. Don't people usually say that who doesn't have luck in love, usually has luck in game? Nicholas couldn't even stand to look at his face. His brother still couldn't trust him because of the hotel's business. And all of this was already affecting his relationship with Min-Hee. These factors were enough to give him confidence to start gambling. It was a surprise, but it actually worked. In less than a month, Seung-Won had won almost all the money he needed to pay the moneylender. That was when everything went to hell all over again.

The worst word in the world was ‘luck’, because sometimes you have it and another times you don’t. It can escape from you in a blink of an eye and that was exactly what happened to Nicholas’ father. When it had almost all the money to pay his debts, his luck twist happened and Seung-Won started to lose all the money he had archived with his games in the last weeks. When the business man got to the bottom of the earned money and he had nothing else to use to continue to game, Seung-Won did the second worst mistake of his life. Ignoring his instinct, he asked the boss of the gambling man if he could lend him some money, hoping that his luck would come back as soon as possible, so he could pay everything that he owed. The deal was done, but nothing happened in the way that Seung-Won imagined. His luck didn’t come back to him and he lost everything he had, until the point that they had to kick him out from the game. Now not only did he owe money to the moneylender, but he also needed to pay the boss of the illegal gambling game, who everyone believed that was part of some sort of mafia. Wanting to gain some of the dignity that he had lost and some of the money to at last pay one of them, Nicholas’s father decided to sell their properties around the world. That was exactly the reason why Nick found out about his father’s financial problems. Wanting to take Stephen away from Pyro Hills for the weekend, he had the idea of invite him and some of their mutual friends to New York since they had an apartment there. However, as soon as they get there, they only found an empty house that had been sold recently. Confused and feeling a little suspect with the unexpected sale, Nicholas decided to do a re-search about it, wanting to find out what was going on behind there back. Perhaps it was someone from their company, trying to steal away their money and some of their goods. This could be something serious. The only thing Nick found was his father’s signature in all of the sales. Knowing that any of this couldn’t stay like this and wanting a rational explanation from all of this mess, Nicholas decided to confront his father about what he found out. 

The way Nicholas expected to face his father wasn’t the way he had imagined in his mind, because as soon as he got home the impossible happened. The young man couldn’t even believe in his own eyes when he opened the door of their house and found his father in the living room. The lamia had stayed in New York for one more day to try to find out what was going on and it was already late when he arrived. No one was around and that made him even more puzzled about everything. That was when he saw his father holding a piece of wood. Not expecting to see his son there, Seung-Won tried to run away from his questions, but Nick didn’t let him go, forcing him to tell him everything. That was when he confessed what happened since the hotel. His son didn’t know if he should be disappointed with his father or hurt for the fact that he didn’t trust him enough with this secret. Perhaps he could have helped him and they wouldn’t be in this situation right now. The only thing that mattered was to find a way to take the wood from Seung-Won’s hands, but that didn’t seem easy. The business man refused to handle him the piece of wood. The two fought as Nick tried to reach for the weapon. In one of his twists to get to the wood, the young man did a sudden movement by accident and staked his father with in. Really believing that he had killed his own father, Nicholas started to freak out. It didn’t make sense. Seung-Won was a vampire and he couldn’t die like this. Of course that wood was a terrible weapon for vampires, but it didn’t make sense why his father continued to face the ceiling lifeless when Nicholas took the piece of wood from his body. So he did the only thing that he could do at that moment. The vampire called Stephen who was the only person he knew he could trust with a situation like this. His father didn’t seem to be dead, but then why wasn’t he waking up? Not wanting anyone to find out about what happened in that night, Nicholas simulated a robbery. It was everything he could do to not be punish by this crime. They still didn’t know what had happened and they needed to get to the bottom of the situation. It wasn’t a tough task because the piece of wood that Seung-Won used was from one of the chairs. So they only needed to stay that someone tried to get in their house to rob them, but his father was at the living room and he tried to stop them. It seemed like a good reasons and to his uncle’s eyes, Seung-Won would be some sort of hero. That would give him some peace of mind to recover. Or at least, Nicholas hoped that his father would recover because he didn’t think that he would be able to live with this guilt inside of his chest. 

The entire family seemed confused with what happened. How could a vampire stay lifeless like this when he wasn’t even dead? His cell were supposed to regenerate, but that didn’t happen. Deciding that perhaps this wasn’t even a supernatural effect, they sent him to the hospital. Nothing got better since that day. Seung-Won stayed in the hospital and he still didn’t wake up from his deep coma. There was no answers to his status and the family didn’t know what to do about this. Min-Hee, completely shattered from her husband’s health condition, tried to divide her free time between staying with Seung-Won at the hospital and her family in Korea, feeling the need of having her mother with him like the time she had lost Evalynn. Nicholas couldn’t live with the guil of almost killing his father. It was one more emotion to add to the list of guilt that he was feeling since Charlotte’s break up and Stephen’s kidnapping. And the worst of everything was that any of them knew exactly what had happened to him and how to sort this out. What they didn’t know was that Seung-Won’s condition was actually caused by a witch and a very familiar one for Nicholas. Finding out that he was planning to commit suicide to get away from his debt, Charlotte’s father tried to find another solution to keep the Jung family trapped to the debt. All he needed to do was to find a way of Seung-Won to not actually die. Trusting his youngest daughter to do the plan, Phoebe casted the spell on the weapon. What they didn’t expect was for Nicholas to be there too. That and the fact that Phoebe wasn’t able to control her spell, confessing later than it was a dark one. The only goal of the spell was for him to stay asleep for a couple of days. In that way, Seung-Won would finally be able to understand that they were joking with the debt. However, everything went out of their hands and the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months. This had been a mess because Phoebe didn’t know how to reverse the spell and none was able to help them with it. So Charlotte’s father did the only thing he could do at the moment to continue with his plan of revenge. He searched for Nicholas.

After the Spell:

Nothing and everything changed after the spell. His father continued at the hospital and his condition is still unknown, since no progress had happened. His mother has been trying to not lose the hope, but her husband doesn’t get better. The only good thing is that he also doesn’t get worse. Between Min-Hee, Nicholas and the rest of the Jung family, it’s actually Nicholas who has the world on his shoulder. Charlotte’s father came to talk to him, asking for his money. A month after his father’s attempt of suicide, the boss of the gambling also searched for him because of his debt. Being drowned in problems because of his father’s decisions from the past, the vampire tried to stay away from his family’s issues, but it didn’t work like he had planned. His mother had been too busy with travelling back and forth from Korea to Pyro Hills and it hadn’t been easy to live in the same house with his family when Nick really didn’t have anyone who shared the same ideals with him. One day he snapped and told them that he was against some of their ideas. Family was important, but vampires weren’t superior. Every single supernatural creature should be treated as an equal, because that was the right thing to do. Not standing to stay with them anymore, Nick moved out, quickly finding a apartment at downtown. At the moment, he only keeps contact with his cousin Stephen and tries to avoid his uncle as much as he can, even if they work at the same company. Seung-Won’s business went to his uncle and Stephen and Nicholas didn’t argue with it since he had more important things to take care of. Like the debt. While he is still working at the Jung’s ‘empire' in the marketing section, the vampire decided to not take any of that money to pay what his father owed to them. So since he would also be able to do his work at home, he didn't see any inconvenient to open a bar. 'Cosmopolitan' is the light of Nicholas' eyes and he knows that it's a peculiar name for a bar. There is obviously a reason behind it as he didn't want it to be an specific bar but a bar for everyone. As long as there is no fights in there, Nick always welcome any kind of supernatural creatures and even humans. That's the real meaning behind the bar's name. A simple mingle of cultures. Well in their case, it was more like a mingle of night world creatures but yeah, that was basic idea anyway. Cosmopolitan is Nicholas' main source to get the money to pay the debt, but obviously it wasn't enough. Because of the debt from the gambling's interest, the vampire had to make a deal with them. For months he has been helping them to hack into their players' bank accounts and other business to be able to end with the debt's interest. Or otherwise he would do the same mistake his father did in the past and Nicholas wanted to be smarter than that. Right now, he needed to use his head and not his despair. No one in his family knows about the debt, not even Stephen. Wanting to resolve his problem alone, he had refused to let anyone help him with this problem, believing that with his bar, he will be able to pay everything that his father owe to the moneylender and the gambling gang.

Until now, Nicholas still didn’t find out that Charlotte’s father and her sister are the ones behind the debt and his father’s inexplicable coma. Phoebe is now his neighbor. Even not knowing about her involvement with all of this, the vampire can’t stand to be in her presence for too long. ‘Hate her' is a strong word to use to describe what he actually feels for the young woman. She is just too loud and too childish for his taste and it doesn't help their story from the past. If Phoebe never liked him, why would he like her, anyway? Despite all of this, Nicholas was always polite to her. But he can't deny that he loved to annoy her. Seeing the annoyance in her face is too exciting to him. It makes him feel like he had won the lottery. What he doesn't know is that Phoebe is also the mysterious woman with who he talks almost everyday in a chat room. She is the only one Nicholas can actually talk without worrying too much about everything bad in his life. Being a big fan of online games helped him to meet this anonymous woman who he actually admires a lot. The vampire was obsessed with winning one of the most famous games on the internet world, but the luck wasn't on his side as soon as he realized that the winner was unbeatable. Wanting to know her secret, he started to talk with her in a chat room. Obviously, Nick didn't get any secret from her but the friendship they created between each other was strong enough for them to keep talking. Nicholas would be lying, if he said that he didn't think that she was a very remarkable woman. A strong part of him is curious about her and about the possibility of meeting her one day, but he also knows that a meeting is not possible. The virtual world is his escape from the nightmare that he is in, and as soon as he meets her, she stops being part of that world and becomes part of his reality. That's exactly why he tries to avoid with all his strength. Whatever their friendship means, it can only be platonic to him. But at the same time, he can't resist the temptation of continuing to talk too her. As long as everything stays harmless and they don't cross their virtual limits, nothing bad can happen right? At least, that's what he hopes so, because one thing is certain: Nick doesn't have the willpower to stop talking to her.