Anonymous asked: "Do you know Carter Ambrose's FC yet? :)"

Yes we do. He will be Julian Morris.

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"I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you"

Name: Ellie Jin
Age: 23
Species: Shapeshifter 
Relationships: Jane Sanders (Friend), Kathleen Jin (mother) 
Soulmate: Cassandra Whitedove
FC: Malese Jow
Status: OPEN


Some might call Ellie a stick in the mud. She often appears to believe herself above those around her. However Ellie is afraid, afraid of being judged, afraid of not being good enough. She is incredibly book smart, but struggles with people. More often than not she appears too proud. Ellie is more prone to observe than interact with others. Still Ellie is proud and does have a tendency to think things should come easily to her. 

Before the Spell

Ellie’s mother gave up a prosperous life as a Chinese officials wife to run away to America. There she met Ellie’s father and the pair had quite the fairy tale love story. But like so many stories it had a tragic end, Ellie’s father died fighting a forest fire in Southern California where they lived. Ellie’s household was fairly strict and her studies were very important. She was always trying to make her deceased father proud. 

Ellie was always smart though and excelled in school. It made her a bit of an outcast in school, so she looked forward to university. She went to the University of California at Berkeley and studied to be a doctor. However she wasn’t very happy. She left school at 22 with the blessing of her mother who understood her daughter’s desire to be happy. Ellie started a road trip and one day ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She stumbled between some members of Circle Daybreak and the Night World Council fighting. She was wounded by a misfired spell. However when the dust settled the members of Circle Daybreak saved her life by transforming her into a shapeshifter. Her animal was a tiger, something to be said for her ferocity and Chinese ancestry. Unsure how she felt about these rebels Ellie joined Circle Daybreak out of gratitude and to learn to control her new powers.

After the Spell

Ellie no longer remembers how she became a shapeshifter. She maintains the muscle memory and therefore can manage it. She works as a waitress at Hungry Harry’s Hamburgers trying to earn money to see the world. Ellie also runs a travel blog documenting her adventures. Mostly she wants to find a love like her parents, but has had no luck with boys. In fact she’s starting to believe that boys aren’t the answer at all.  

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"The world may hate you but that doesn’t mean I will."

Name: Marcus Gaines 
Age: 28
Species: Shapeshifter
Relationships: Helen Gaines (Mother), Alessandra Volterra (Rescuer, Love Interest)
Soulmate: Sonya Abforth (Deceased)
FC: Dillon Casey


A true gentlemen willing to give nearly anyone the benefit of the doubt, Marcus was raised in a rocky situation that made him never want to be like his abusive father. He learned respect and manners before even joining the military and being in it only furthered his use of them. He’s a good guy with an open heart. His life has been riddled with challenges and at times he wanted to give up but he kept finding reasons to live. Reasons that have only structured his newfound confidence that he is here for a reason and wanting to end his life won’t help that. He’s powerful, well rounded and an asset to the world around him. 

Before the Spell:

Born and raised in a small midwestern town, Marcus is the epitome of a small town guy. He grew up surrounded by the same people and was a momma’s boy through and through. Who wouldn’t be when your dad was an alcoholic who liked to lash out when he’d had a bit too much to drink. He attended school, got good grades, starred on the baseball team and was all around a good kid. The only problem is being a good kid with only good grades wasn’t enough to pay for a college education. At sixteen years old he’d shot up and out and kicked his deadbeat dad out but from then on money was tight. 

There was no way his mom could scrape together college tuition when she was already working three jobs just for them to get by. Marcus ran out of options pretty quickly. Fresh faced and only eighteen years old he joined the ROTC program with the intention of training for the military and being able to go to school at the same time. Surprisingly enough he majored in law enforcement, making his two goals very similar. College was a fairly typical experience for him and when he was done Marcus joined the ranks of the Marines. It wasn’t long before he found himself deployed for duty after that. 

He was twenty two upon completion of college and he spent the next three years in action until a knee injury found him honorably discharged from the Marines. Marcus was not a happy guy. He felt useless in his time after being let go and if he hadn’t met Sonya he probably would have lapsed into depression and never gotten better. She was a nurse in the hospital he went to and eventually they got together. Sonya was secretly a witch and the two were soulmates so it was inevitable despite Marcus being a human. The pull was too strong for them to resist. When it came the time for him to know Sonya brought Marcus to Circle Daybreak to protect him. 

It was that very thing that would find Sonya caught by a Night World law enforcer with little to no pity for law breakers. In her insistence to protect him from having his memories erased or worse him being killed, she was brutally tortured and then murdered. Marcus felt her death like a part of him was missing entirely. When the officials for the Night World finally found him he fought tooth and nail because he didn’t care if he died. Life seemed meaningless without her. It was that very spark and fight that brought him into Alessandra Volterra’s radar. She hated humans more than anyone in the group who had come to get them but he was different. 

In him she saw herself and it was starling to the cold, assassin. The girl dismissed those with her and took it upon herself to decide his fate. On the spot she cast a spell, terrifying Marcus as his body took a new form, that of a Hawk. Colors burst forth that he had never seen before and he took flight without even realizing it, clipping his wings on multiple things in the room until he slammed smack into an object and spiraled to the ground. When he came to he was alone in the room and once again human. A note sat next to a pile of clothes with two words. You’re welcome. 

It would be weeks before he saw the girl again and when she returned it was only to tell him the rules of the Night World and what she was. She seemed stoic and beautiful despite her clear disinterest in what was occurring and Marcus vowed that he would get to know her because he could see that beneath the poise was something else. Something like the pain that he wore so easily on his own face. Besides Marcus knew that by changing him into what he was the girl had saved him. Even though she had been ruthless to others he had been found hiding with the fact that she had any type of mercy to show meant that maybe she was worth saving.

After the Spell:

It was eventually upon her request that he moved himself, and his mother to Pyro Hills. Without his knowledge Alessandra had wiped his memory of Circle Daybreak and Soulmates, leaving only the memory that Sonya had died in a tragic incident between a few people of her kind. Basically the story remained the same aside from those details. He still knew the woman he had loved was dead and that it had been because he was human but he knew nothing of the things that he needed to forget. The things that would keep him off of The Originals radar. Marcus didn’t understand much about what the girl was doing but he was willing to start a new life. His degree has earned him a position in human law enforcement.

Important Bios

Alessandra Volterra

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"People tell me I’m beautiful, but don’t keep me waiting."

Name: Violet Diesel
Age: 20 (over 200 years old)
Species: Lamia
Nathaniel Diesel (brother), Sebastian Nightshade (cousin), Wesley Fisher (ex-boyfriend)
Soulmate: Carter Ambrose (undiscovered)
FC: Taylor Momsen
Status: OPEN


Having been born exactly 100 years after her brother, Violet became instantly the baby of everyone around her. Always having someone to look out for her, be it family or the bodyguards that were always following her around. Very spoiled, she was Daddy’s girl through and through. Had she wished for anything, her father would have gone to get it, even if he had to go to Hell for it. For the first couple of years, she never knew what responsibility meant. It wasn’t until her father started growing old and eventually died, that she realized she wasn’t a princess and that not always everything will be given to her on a silver platter. Going to college, more or less at the same time her cousin Sebastian did, for the first time ever Violet felt like she fitted in somewhere, and from the spoiled, immature and whiny brat she became someone she could be proud of: a woman. 

Before the Spell:

The world is not a beautiful place, quite the opposite. While there are some marvelous things out there, unfortunately there are also a lot of hardships along the way. And the things that people find difficult, or hard, or they just don’t like or approve of, differ to everyone. In Violet Diesel’s case, what she found hardest to live with, was her age. The youngest in her family, the blonde girl was always surrounded by adults and often had to be witness to many conversations that she didn’t understood. Tagging behind her older brother, she listened with big ears and watched with curious eyes what was being discussed. Since before she could remember, Violet always felt the need to know everything about anything. She never liked being left out, so whenever there were social dinners and parties for adults, she would always join them. She didn’t liked them, she actually hated them, but she couldn’t bear staying alone in her room. Afraid of loneliness and darkness, she preferred annoying her brother and his friends, if that meant she would be surrounded by people.

The night she was born, it was meant to come as a miraculous night. After 100 years, Steven and Reanna Diesel had finally managed to have the baby girl they’ve waited for so long. After their first born, Nathaniel had come into world, the happy couple was so glad and overjoyed by their small boy, that they just wanted to have more and more children. But it seemed that fate wasn’t on their side, because no matter what they did, Reanna couldn’t bear another child. There was no explanation as to why, she was simply unable to do it. Never letting that fact overshadow her, she would always have a smile on her face, and it seemed as though she had no worries. And in a way, she didn’t. Because she always hoped she could have a second child. She swore that giving birth to a sister to Nathaniel would happen even if it was the last thing that she did on Earth. At the time, she didn’t knew how real her words would become. After 100 years, God blessed her and Steven and she was left pregnant. But the pregnancy was hard, terrible and nothing like her first one. She knew she was going to die, but she didn’t cared. She lived for some good hundred years, and giving birth to Violet was the last thing she was going to do. So as soon as the little girl had her first screams and yells, Reanna died with a smile on her face.

And like that, Violet became the sun of her family. She was the perfect copy of her deceased mother, and she was loved by all around her. Perhaps too much, because being used to affection and love, the death of her father came as a disaster. She cried for days, weeks, months even. She was simply unable to get over it. Her father was her world, and she was now alone, only with her brother who was always busy with business. And it was then that Nathaniel decided to send Violet to college. It was going to be a good experience for her, it would help her get over their father’s death, and it was the perfect timing too, as their cousin Sebastian had started going to college as well, and he could look after her. Initially, the idea of college didn’t seemed too exciting for Violet; she hated her cousin. Not that they feeling wasn’t mutual. They never got along, they called each other stupid nicknames, and they just simply couldn’t stay together for more than one minute, without arguing.

For the first couple of months, Violet’s college life had meant going to parties, drinking, dancing, meeting people. But none of it seemed to take her mind off her father’s death. And her depression continued until one night. The night she met him. Wesley. She had been with a guy, as she has in the past, but for some reason, Violet had been unable to go through the whole thing. She always ended up running, which wasn’t hard as a vampire. But the guy she was with that night was also a vampire, and he was older, stronger and more powerful. He didn’t liked her rejection so he started beating her up. In a moment of luck, Violet had somehow succeeded to get away. Using her vampire speed to escape, she was half-naked in cold winter, crying and scared. She could go to her cousin, but he would just laugh and shove the door in front of her face. And then, he appeared. A boy with a face that of an angel, brown hair and the calmest eyes she’s ever seen. He was a human, but she didn’t cared. In that moment, Wesley became her Prince Charming and she fell for him at first sight.

That night had been the most beautiful of her life. The almost innocent human stayed with her all night, talking about pretty much nothing. And Violet fell more and more for him every time they talked. When morning came, the blonde girl started crying and held on tightly to Wesley, as a little child holding out to her big brother. They exchanged numbers and promised to meet again. And the next day, they did. At NYU. Both were students there, just different buildings and different majors. She was majoring in Art and Fashion Design. She was surprised to find she was really into drawing and making clothes. The very first garment she made had been for Wesley, who got really close. To Wesley, Violet was the sister he never had, but she strived for more. So she asked to hang out with him and his friends, to see what it was like to be part of a group. Not having the heart to refuse her, Wesley brought Violet to a night out with his best friends: Trevor Rhodes and… Sebastian Nightshade. Violet’s cousin. Both were shocked beyond belief to see each other. Violet more than Bash. He hated humans. Loathed them to a point he was probably planning a massacre against them. Yet there he was, the best friend of a filthy human. Not that she was one to talk. She hated them too, or at least she did until meeting Wesley.

Lying to her only friend, Violet said she knew Bash from a party. She couldn’t let him know they were cousins, because then he would ultimately treat her like nothing more than a sister. Begging her cousin to keep quiet, she was surprised when he did. She never knew why, but she didn’t bothered to know either. She kept hanging out around Trevor and Wesley, and tried to ignore Sebastian for most of the part. To the other two, it seemed weird that their friend hadn’t tried to make a single move on the gorgeous blonde. She was everything he could dream of; she was a girl. But after some time, they stopped questioning it. As a couple of months later, Violet had finally managed to convince Wesley to go on a date with her. He was forced into it, but she didn’t cared. She knew that if they spent together, alone, he would see her as a woman rather than a girl. The date went well but it was the last one they had for a while. He wasn’t the dating type, he told her, and so they stayed friends, but she always wanted more. She was determined to get more.

Wesley was the love of her life and she would do everything for him. Even protect him from the hands of her family. She hadn’t seen Nathaniel since starting college at all, so when he paid a surprise visit, she was bewildered. Scared, and shocked, she tried to hide Wesley, but in the end, her brother and her crush met, and Nathaniel immediately knew that she was more in love with Wesley than Night World law allowed. He demanded she either turn him into a vampire or leave him, because if not, he was going to kill Wesley. Scared and to no choice, with her brother and uncle Wren’s help, she succeeded in getting authorization from the Council to turn Wesley, but in the way, another obstacle arrived.

Sebastian. He refused to let his best friend become a monster. He threatened, black mailed Violet, but when nothing worth, he ended up on his knees, begging his cousin to not turn Wesley in a vampire. He was everything he had, the only human part in him, but Violet saw no reason. She went with her decision, and before Bash could stop her, she made Wesley into a vampire. She slowly taught him the ropes of how to be a vampire, and they began dating. She was happier than ever. He really seemed to like her. She only needed a small bit of affection, she didn’t want him to love her. Just looking at her, and seeing her, really seeing was all she could ask. But their relationship didn’t last long, and as soon as graduation ended, Wesley left, telling her that she wasn’t the type of influence he needed in his life. He felt betrayed by all those around him, and so he took his anger for all his friends out on her. Broken-hearted, Violet left New York and never looked back. Her relationship with Wesley and Nathaniel was ruined, and while she started to get along much better with Bash, she couldn’t live in the same place as the man she loved. Going to Paris, for some years, she just did what vampires knew best to do: partying and not caring about the world. But after some years, she wanted to do something with her and so she started working part-time as a fashion designer. She worked for a man who was too cold and heartless. She hated him, but she also needed the job. She knew he was a witch, a strong one at that, but she couldn’t stand him. Him and his perfect girlfriend Jasmine. They pissed her off, but chances were it was because of her failed relationship.

Moving everywhere, she had visited all of Europe. And it was during one of her stays in France, that she saw Wesley again. At least 100 years have passed, but he was just the same. How could he not be, she made him into a vampire after all. Hiding from him and Bash, when she noticed they were leaving in the company of Jasmine, Violet didn’t thought twice before following them. She never approached them, just stayed behind, watching their moves. She noticed Jasmine’s feelings and she was jealous. Wesley could not like someone who wasn’t her, it was just impossible. During one of her anger fits, was that Bash found her. Pissed off, he nearly kicked her out and away from them, but like that Wesley found about Violet. He was surprised to see her, and a bit upset, as well. But after some more meetings, his blonde ex-girlfriend had managed somehow to pull back into her life.

One thing was true, she had changed. She wanted Wesley, badly, but she wasn’t going to force him into anything. She was fine with them being friends, though she couldn’t help but get between Jasmine and him, once in every while. And then, the news of Rebellion arrived and she knew her brother was among them. Worried and scared, when Wesley and Trevor joined Circle Daybreak, so did she. It was then that the two finally bonded and starting dating again. With promise to change, she was disappointed to find out that they weren’t soul mates. Nathaniel looked so happy with his soul mate, that it broke her heart knowing Wesley had someone else, perfect in the world. But before he or she could meet their respective soul mates, the Originals caught to them and erased their memories.

After the Spell:

Violet has no memory of Circle Daybreak or the Originals. She thinks her brother still hates her and as far as she’s concerned, she hasn’t seen him in over 100 years. And as for Wesley, well… she might not remember the Rebellion, but she does remember they re-met and started dating again. She is happier than ever, and can’t wait to see him again. But first things first, she has to finish her business in Europe, as Carter’s right-hand. The two met after the memories were erased and they started working together again, not knowing they are in fact soul mates.

Important Bios

Nathaniel DieselSebastian NightshadeWesley FisherCarter Ambrose

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Activity Check (4/19/2014)

The following characters have been reopened due to inactivity for more than a week. Please note that if your character has been reopened, you are more than welcome to apply for them once again, after you have more time to RP. 

Julian Herondale
Maggie Neely

The following characters have been reopened because the mun has decided to let go of the character. 

Serena Castellanos

The following characters are at risk of being reopened. Please post a starter and interact with characters in the next 24-48 hours to make sure that your character is not reopened. If there is something in real life that is keeping you from being able to RP, please message the main and we’ll be more than happy to put you on hiatus. Be aware however, that you must be able to provide a time frame for your hiatus. 

Jezebel Redfern

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andrewlincolnsbeard asked: "My frond and I have been searching for a mature, supernatural based rpg and yours stood out to me. I have a quick question, is there a Norman Reedus fc based character and or possibility there could be an oc made with his fc? My friend would love to know and I'm currently on my phone and it's hard to navigate :/ I really appreciate it you answer, thank you :3"

We do not have a Norman Reedus FC at the moment. We’re open to an OC with his face if you’re friend wants to make one. We’re excited to see your applications


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Anonymous asked: "Is Nova Lovett canon ?"

No I believe she is not



She is related to a canon character. 

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Anonymous asked: "Oh that's really cool. I'm really glad that there are fans of the series still around today and doing this sort of thing with the roleplays. It kinda keeps the characters alive y'know?? Maybe it's just me but I'm actually really glad that this roleplay exists and it includes things like LGBTA characters and such that weren't in the book series because I was disappointed that the author just left the series for years."

We’re really glad you like it! Recently we’ve been trying to create a more diverse cast of characters, so hopefully there’ll be even more diversity soon. And we’d love to see you apply for a character! 

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Anonymous asked: "Okay, awesome. I was just curious because the actual series didn't have any LGBTA characters or relationships (although to be fair it was written in the 90s so yeah...) and I was wondering if you had any so yeah. Cool. That's great and cool so hats off you and the people in the roleplay."

I understand completely! Yes that would explain them straying from it but I know I play canon Blaise Harman as the type to be interested in people as opposed to their sex so we’re even open with the characters from the books as well. Anyways thank you very much! We’ve just been trying to get a wide range out there for people in the hopes that it will be diverse and it doesn’t hurt that our roleplayers seem to be cool with it as well! 

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