"Being undead doesn’t mean being alive."

Name: Gabriel Kipling
Age: 35
Species: Human
Noah Kavanagh (boss), Thomas Spencer (partner)
Soulmate: Desiree Shen
FC: Godfrey Gao
Status: OPEN


Silent and observant, Gabriel is an expert at what he does. He knows exactly how to gather information discretely and is a very highly trained psychological expert. He is very good at making others talk without them realizing they are giving up a lot of information without getting any in return. While he can be the brawns behind an operation, he prefers to be the brains. Or both. He is very reserved when it comes to himself and his past especially. While lying is something he is required to do, he would much rather not talk about something than have to lie about it. Lying is something he does as a last resort, and often times he can talk his way out of having to lie. 

Before the Spell:

Born into a somewhat functional family, Gabriel’s father was a Vietnam War veteran and so from a young age, he heard stories of war. He always had a fascination with writing and journalism, something he wanted to pursue. However, as he grew older, he clashed with his father, a strong willed man who had lost an arm in battle. His mother used to work many hours and wouldn’t be around too much. Unfortunately, by the time Gabriel reached high school, the struggling family realized that his father had heart problems, and would need to receive surgery if he wished to survive. Their entire life’s savings went into trying to save his father’s life, but he passed away on the operating table. As a seventeen year old, Gabriel had already lost his father. His mother was inconsolable, and he himself felt his world crumbling around him.  

Deferring college for a year, he took care of his mother and tried to help by working jobs here and there. Taking up a job as a mechanic at a local shop, he worked with cars and did anything he could to try and earn money. Slowly his mother started working too, and it seemed together they would make it through their hard times. When it came time for him to go to college, he immediately began to study journalism, hoping to go into the profession he loved so much. His mother remained a strong influence in his life. He learned later, when he was in his senior year, that his mother had infact started seeing someone else. A man whom she met at the grocery store. Something about him seemed off, but he made Gabriel’s mother happy and so he tried his best to get along with the man. He got a job at a local newpaper and life seemed well, but after a few years, his mother died. And this time it wasn’t natural. 

Gabriel wanted to surprise his mother one night after he had gotten a raise, but when he went, what he saw horrified him. The man who had been with his mother, drinking her blood. He drained her completely with another vampire, and the two had no idea Gabriel was there watching everything. Going home immediately, he had no idea how to react to what he had just seen. For years, he tried to find information about what that had been, and he found nothing. Finally, he found something or rather someone, who explained everything to him. Noah Kavanagh, a man who worked in the CIA as part of a special operation. It was meant specifically to hunt down and find out as much as they could about the supernatural. There wasn’t much information that they had gathered, and there was definitely more to be found. And it was like that that Gabriel became a member of this operation. Going through all the same training procedures as the rest of the agents, upon graduation, he joined this special op team, along with Thomas Spencer. The two met hunters along their travels and learned as much as they could, leading them to Pyro Hills.  

After the Spell:

In Pyro Hills, Gabriel is trying to learn more about Night World. The ultimate goal is to bring this secret society down, and prevent the supernatural from hurting the human population. With Thomas, he maintains his cover as a journalist looking for new stories. The fact that there are strings of animal attacks in Pyro Hills is what he claims drew him to the town. What he doesn’t know of course is that his Soulmate is in this town, that she is a part of the very Council he is trying to bring down and also that she also happens to be the daughter of his boss.

Important Bios

Thomas Spencer

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